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Lunch with a Scientist

Lunch and learn with top researchers.

At Ohio State, we refer often to the university’s “breadth and depth.” The speakers we have invited for the Lunch with a Scientist program this year are fine examples of our researchers’ contributions to these characteristics. The topics range from cosmology, cholera and cats to nanotechnology, numeracy and oral bacteria. Plus many more. ScienceWriters will take over the Ohio Union on Sunday afternoon for these lunch gatherings. Click on scientists' names below to read descriptions of their talks.

You can choose your lunch when you register for the meeting, beginning August 15.  Register early for your first choice. We will remind you of which lunch you signed up for shortly before the meeting.

  • William Abraham
    Cardiovascular Medicine

    A Heart Set on Keeping Tickers Ticking

  • Juan Alfonzo

    True Detective: Unearthing Cell Biology Secrets by Studying Obscure Organisms

  • Bharat Bhushan
    Mechanical Engineering

    Nature-inspired Nanotech on the Surface

  • Jeff Bielicki
    Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering

    Can We Turn Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity?

  • Tony Buffington
    Veterinary Clinical Sciences

    Cats are Cool – As Pets and for Hints About Human Illness

  • Scott Gaudi

    Exploring New Planets

  • Samir Ghadiali
    Biomedical Engineering

    Forces of Nature: The Role of Mechanics in Disease

  • Pravin Kaumaya
    Obstetrics & Gynecology, Cancer Center

    Vaccine Research: A Shot in the Arm for Cancer Fight

  • Purnima Kumar

    Tobacco and Oral Bacteria – A ‘Smoking Gun’

  • Clark Larsen

    Digging the Dead: Seeking Answers from Ancient DNA

  • Jeff LeJeune
    Food Animal Health Research Program

    Should We Follow the 5-Second Rule? Food-Safety Advice Based on Science

  • William Marras
    Integrated Systems Engineering

    Reverse Engineering the Human Spine

  • Randy Nelson

    How Light at Night May Darken Mood

  • Ellen Peters

    When the Numbers Add Up: How Numeracy Can Lead to a Better Life

  • Steve Petrill

    Fear by the Numbers: New Insights on Genes, Motivation and Math Anxiety

  • Joanne Ruthsatz

    Child Prodigies, Autism and a Genetic Link

  • Douglas Scharre

    Serving Memory Well: Innovative Ways to Detect and Treat Dementia

  • Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan and Claire Kamp Dush
    Human Sciences

    Why do Mothers Still Do More Childcare in Dual-Career Families?

  • Yael Vodovotz
    Food Science, Cancer Center

    Crops to the Clinic: How Food Fights Cancer

  • David Weinberg

    Cosmology in the High-Precision Era: Concordance or New Physics?

  • Jessica Winter
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    Nanotechnology: Roadblocks along the Assembly Line

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